Delon Human’s FCTC COP10 Insights – Day 1

Day 1 

COP10 started on Monday and a prevailing anti-nicotine sentiment underscored the discussions, overshadowing the known benefits of tobacco harm reduction (THR). This stance, while aimed at combating tobacco’s global impact, risks sidelining effective strategies that have been instrumental in places like Sweden, where smoke-free alternatives have significantly contributed to public health goals. 

The WHO’s preference for regulation over tangible results contrasts with Sweden’s evidence-based approach, which has seen a 55% decline in smoking rates over the past decade. This gap highlights the need for a shift towards outcome-focused strategies in global tobacco control efforts.

The conference’s neglect of adult smokers seeking safer paths is akin to a building missing its fire escapes, leaving occupants with no route to flee the inferno of smoking. 

Sweden’s approach shows it’s possible to stop young people from starting to smoke while also helping adults find a safer path away from traditional smoking. This points to the need for a tobacco control strategy that offers these essential exits, making sure no one is left without a way to escape the harm of smoking.